Plus Energy Living are a ground breaking company dedicated to delivering simple, creative solutions for low-energy, healthy buildings.

Our turnkey solutions include:

House Modeling

House Design

Building Materials

Door Testing

Healthy Home
Ventilation Retro Fits

Healthy low-energy building solutions should be simple.

Plus Energy Living are a ground breaking Low Energy Building Materials Supplier dedicated to delivering cutting edge, innovative solutions for low energy living.

Our philosophy is simple – keep it simple. We are known for simple and efficient solutions for passive, low energy solutions.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Our team of specialised consultants have the industry expertise and know how to devise solutions for problems that seem too difficult or impossible.

Plus Energy Living provide turnkey solutions including:

  • Passive house modeling services
  • Passive house design
  • Supply low-energy building materials
  • Blower door testing

Specialists in high performance energy efficiency systems

Heat Recovery Systems

  • Healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient ventilation.
  • Removal of harmful substances and supply of oxygen-rich air.
  • Fresh air without draughts or chills.
  • Higher indoor air quality without any effort.
  • Higher building ratings, energy cost savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.
  • Quick and easy installation, plug and play.

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HRV Ducting Systems

A sustainable solution

  • Lower pressure loss than traditional systems due to radial design means lower energy consumption
  • Mechanical connections ensure long-term airtightness and a clean, consistent and high-quality installation

Extremely easy installation

  • A plastic duct on a roll is easy and quick to cut to length and bend around obstacles
  • A complete portfolio of accessories
  • Low duct height for in-wall and/or screed floor application
  • Premium system performance

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Air & Weather Tight Membrane Systems

  • Intelligent high performance sealing systems for thermal insulation.
  • Weather tightness enables a building to withstand natural weather elements.
  • Airtightness is an essential element to ensure the insulation is perfect.
  • Quality fixings ensure durable airtightness and weather tightness systems.
  • Excellent for mould prevention.

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High Performance Window Systems

  • Quality engineering and energy efficiency coupled with sustainability and green manufacturing for high performance windows and front doors.
  • Excellent thermal insulation characteristics.
  • Virtually scuff-proof and easy to maintain.
  • Outstanding structural and physical characteristics.
  • Ideal price performance ratio.

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